Demand for travel to the UK is at record levels and predicted to more than double by 2021.

We need a world-class airport infrastructure, as well as a transport network that supports leisure tourism right across the UK. Ensuring that key gateways and the wider transport network are welcoming, accessible and provide good value for money, is essential if we are to see growth from new and emerging markets, as well as maintaining and increasing our market share with more traditional markets.

We are delighted that a new third runway will be built at London Heathrow however this runway will only increase capacity to 2030 so we propose that there is also expansion at Gatwick to maintain London’s position as a world leading transport centre.

In 2017 UKinbound contributed to the development of the Tourism Sector Deal which asks the Government to build a world-class transport infrastructure, including a tourist-friendly network across the UK.  This will increase visitor capacity, particularly to areas outside of London, increase tourism’s GDP contribution, generate more jobs and regenerate areas throughout Britain.

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April 2018 – Government launches aviation strategy ‘next steps’ document

February 2018 – Gatwick Airport impact report finds long-haul passengers give biggest boost to UK GDP

November 2016 – Tourism & Aviation: how flights to, from, and within the UK unpin a growing tourism industry – a report by ABTA, AOA, Tourism Alliance and UKinbound.