VisitBritain IPS data | Inbound visits and spend by UK region Q3 2019

Regional highlights from Q3 2019 IPS

To follow on from the UK and market level figures, please find see the below highlights of the regional figures from Q3 2019 (July – September).


  • At 5.7 million, inbound visits reached a new record in Q3 2019, up 10% on Q3 2018.
  • Those visitors spent £4.0 billion in London during that time, up 14% on July – September 2018.

Rest of England

  • Visits were up 10% to 5.1 million, setting a new record for inbound visits in those months, and only the second time ever that there were over 5 million such visits in the summer months. Those visitors spent about £3.0 billion, 21% more in Q3 2019 than in Q3 2018, the second best spending in July – September for any years.
  •  Within this:
    • North East: visits up 8% but spend down 17% on a relatively strong Q3 2018.
    • North West: both visits and spend fell in Q3 2019, -5% and -6% respectively.
    • Yorkshire: visits fell 2% but spend up 7%.
    • West Midlands: visits up 17% to a record whilst spend reached a new record too at £415 million.
    • East Midlands: visits fell 14% on the Q3 2018 record, and spend decreased 22% on Q3 2018.
    • East of England: visits up 6% on Q3 2018 whilst spend rose to £317 million, up on a weak Q3 2018.
    • South West: visits up 14% to a record with 998,000 visits, whilst spend rose 28%.
    • South East: visits up 21% and spend up 27% on Q3 2018.


  • Inbound visits grew 1% in Q3 2019 compared to the record Q2 2018, but still the second highest Q3 with 1.2 million visits.
  • However, inbound visitor spending rose 21% on Q3 2018 to a record £1.1 billion spent in those months, the first time that spending in July – September passed the £1-billion mark.


  • In Q3 2019, overseas visits increased 6% on Q2 2018, up to 374,000 visits.
  • Spending was up 21% on Q3 2018 to a record £184 million.

Please find more detail on the ‘Latest quarterly data by area’ page on the VisitBritain website about the year to date figures for the regions.