VisitBritain IPS data | Inbound visits by market and journey purpose Q3 2019

The provisional IPS Q3 2019 data (for July – September) from the Office for National Statistics International Passenger Survey has been released and is available on the VisitBritain website.

The Q3 data shows that inbound visits to the UK reached a new record, up 5% on Q3 2018, and spending rose by 18%, also setting a new July – September record. The regional data will be following shortly.

Overall summary:

  • There was a record of 11.4 million visits to the UK in Q3 2019 – up 5% from Q3 2018.
  • However, spend was up 18% year-on-year (YoY) with inbound visitors spending £8.4 billion in the UK during Q3 2019, the highest Q3 on record.
  • In total 94.4 million nights were spent in the UK by inbound visitors during Q3 2019, up 7% YoY (though not a record).

Journey purpose:

  • Holiday visits and spend in Q3 2019 were both up on Q3 2018. Visits were up 5% to 5.1 million (the first time there have been 5 million holiday visits in Q3) and spend rose 16% to £4.4 billion, a new Q3 record for both inbound holiday visits and holiday spend.
  • Journeys to visit friends or relatives (VFR) grew by 8% to 3.4 million. Inbound VFR spend increased by 17% to £1.9 billion. Q3 2019 was the second highest Q3 on record for VFR visits and spend.
  • Business visits rose 1% YoY to 2.1 million in Q3 2019. Those business visitors spent £1.4 billion, 25% up on the relatively low level in Q3 2018. Neither were records.
  • There were 8% more visits for miscellaneous purposes (including short-term study) in Q3 2019 than in Q3 2018, reaching 824,000 visits, with spend increasing to £737 million, up 17% compared to Q3 2018 – although these were not records.