Where do you stand on the digital transformation map?

UKinbound member Lemax is a web-based travel software provider for tour operators and DMCs. Digitalisation and the provision of digital services has become more important than ever, and businesses must be able to evolve alongside their customers’ expectations to stay competitive. In this guest blog, Lemax will help you identify where your company currently stands on the road to digitalisation and what you may wish to consider for the future.

It’s no secret that the travel and tourism industry often lags behind others when it comes to digitalisation – many travel agencies and tour operators still use pen and paper or endless spreadsheets in their day-to-day work. At the same time, visitor behaviour and expectations have evolved, particularly during the pandemic, and travel businesses are expected to provide the same level of digitalisation as others, such as banking, telecoms, even health and insurance. Customers expect businesses to be easily accessible, present online, fast in their responses, and to provide an experience appropriate to current times.

But how can a tour operator or travel agency define their digitalisation? To help answer this question we have developed a simple 10-question quiz that can help you identify where your company stands on the digital transformation map. It takes just a few minutes and will give you a clear view of your company’s level of digitalisation.

Find out where you stand – click here to take the quiz! >>

After answering the questions, you will receive your results explaining which of the four categories your company is in at the moment: Fully Manual, Mostly Manual, Emerging, or Fully Integrated. You may think you already know the answer, but you may be surprised!

If the results show that your company is either Fully or Mostly Manual, then you may wish to explore some of the many technology solutions that can help you start the process of digital transformation. There are plenty of solutions out there that will provide you with more time to focus on your customers and greatly eliminate the possibility of error.

If your company is Emerging, you are on a great path to digitalisation. You have covered parts of your processes with different solutions, but the processes may not be fully streamlined. Creating a booking for example may be time consuming and take longer than it should. It is worth exploring some of the technology solutions that can help you continue on your path of digital transformation to ensure the entire process is smooth and automated.

And finally, if your company is Fully Integrated, congratulations! Your processes are streamlined and fully automated; everything runs smoothly. You are likely ahead of many of your competitors and well aware of the importance of digital transformation.

About Lemax: Lemax is a web-based travel software provider fore tour operators and DMCs. For over 20 years, our speciality has been software solutions for the tourism industry and being partners to our 120 clients as they continue to grow. If you would like to know more about the importance of digital transformation in the travel industry, feel free to head over to our blog. We are here for any tech related questions so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.