Digipanda to promote UK businesses with Chinese student KOLs

Digipanda promote UK businesses Chinese student KOL
Digipanda promote UK businesses Chinese student KOL

Digipanda Marketing is working with a large variety of Chinese student key opinion leaders (KOLs)to provide marketing services to UK businesses who are targeting Chinese students across the UK.

Digipanda’s key opinion leaders are active and well known on Chinese mainstream social media networks such as Weibo and Little Red Book. The majority of the KOLs living in the UK are specialised in creating high-quality contents for travel and tourism, fashion, cosmetics and much more. In addition to the student KOLs, Digipanda also has access to hundreds of WeChat groups created by Chinese students, reaching over 15,000 Chinese students in London alone.

With Chinese New Year soon approaching, UK businesses can expect a mini peak season for Chinese visitors to the UK. Many Chinese parents will be visiting their children over the New Year, which falls on 25 January 2020. Digipanda wants to help and support any inbound businesses who would like to promote their services or products towards the Chinese students community.

For more information about KOLs or Digipanda, please visit their website or email the team.