Amadeus research identifies four Traveller Tribes


Recent global research from Amadeus has revealed the habits and behaviours of travellers for the coming decade.

Following in-depth research that involved interviews with 22 experts and surveys of over 10,000 travellers from 15 countries, four distinct traveller tribes unfolded, with each group having its own unique interests and future behaviors. The four tribes include: Pioneering Pathfinders, Excited Experientialists, Memory Makers and Travel Tech-fluencers.

Pioneering Pathfinders

As the largest of the traveller tribes – 43% of the travellers who participated in the research – Pioneering Pathfinders have a distinctive mindset. They enjoy the process of planning ahead over being impulsive and, of all the groups, are the most comfortable with the role technology plays in travel. Sustainability is at the top of their agendas, and they will make trip adjustments, if need be, in order to travel more sustainably.

Excited Experientialists 

This traveller tribe has an open-minded outlook and is driven by a thirst for unpredictability and unique accommodations. They enjoy living in the moment, avoid planning ahead, and seek real-life, thrilling experiences over material possessions.

Memory Makers

With half this traveller tribe aged 42 and over, Memory Makers are defined as cautious and conservative, seeking affordable options to see the world and make memories. Loyal to people and the places they visit, they tend to trust recommendations from others and will happily return to previous, well-known destinations.

Travel Tech-fluencers

Typically young business travellers, Travel Tech-fluencers have a forward-looking perspective and appreciation for technology; however, they also have concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy. This group places a special emphasis on sustainability, until it results in an inconvenience. 82% of them say sustainable solutions dictate their decisions unless they must invest a significant amount of time or money to book a sustainable journey.

DMOs that are exploring ways to welcome more travellers in the coming decade can find out more from Amadeus’ Traveller Tribes 2033 global study.

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