Blenheim Palace offers half price entry for sustainable travellers

Blenheim Palace offers half price entry for sustainable travellers
Blenheim Palace offers half price entry for sustainable travellers

Visitors to Blenheim Palace will save 50% off admissions if they travel to the Oxfordshire UNESCO World Heritage Site using sustainable transport. The offer is valid until 31 March and open to visitors who arrive via public transport, by bike or in a fully electric vehicle*. The aim of the initiative is to help raise awareness of Blenheim’s commitment to be responsible for tourism and environmental issues and to encourage visitors to consider greener alternative transport options. Woodstock and Bladon residents will be able to take advantage of this discount if they present their walking permits when purchasing tickets.

Dominic Hare, CEO of Blenheim Palace said, “Our aim is to be leading the way when it comes to green issues among the UK’s visitor attractions. We have seen a steady growth in visitors making use of public transport links, cycling or simply walking over recent years.

“Currently, around four per cent of our annual visitors claim a 30% discount for sustainable transport with a slightly higher percentage arriving on foot. By increasing the discount to half price and also opening it up to a wider audience we’re hoping to not only encourage our regular visitors and to switch their modes of transport but to incentivise a new audience to visit us as well.

He added, “If we are able to demonstrate a clear enthusiasm for the initiative it will also help us to persuade more transport providers to support and to promote it”.

The initiative is being supported by Oxford Bus Company, Stagecoach, GRW, Chiltern Railway, Good Journey and Bainton Bikes who will be promoting it to their customers.

Blenheim is also a trailing an incentive scheme for its own staff for those who travel to and from work in a carbon-friendly way; walk, bike, bus or car-share.

For more information about Blenheim Palace admission fee, please visit the website.

*Hybrid vehicles will not be eligible and neither will be visitors arriving on foot as there is a risk it will wrongly encourage people to drive and then try to park in Woodstock and surrounding areas.