Currency Online Group partners with Excess Baggage

Travellers Money Logo
Travellers Money Logo

Currency Online Group has announced a partnership with Excess Baggage, launching a Travellers Money currency service based within the London Waterloo Station branch.

The pandemic saw the travel sector heavily impacted with many businesses unable to survive. With no one travelling, the demand for currency also fell and many companies selling travel money began to disappear. With Currency Online Group being primarily an online business, the company was able to navigate its way through this challenging time. Fast forward to 2024, the business has continued to go from strength to strength and is now forming partnerships to fill those gaps left in the post-pandemic period.

With London Waterloo being one of the UK’s busiest train stations and there being no currency exchange facility within this location, Paul Brewer, CEO of Currency Online Group approached Excess Baggage to discuss the idea of the two companies forming a partnership to provide this missing service.

The launch of Travellers.Money provides a currency buyback service for tourists and visitors to London Waterloo alike, as well as a click and collect currency service that will allow people to order and pick up travel money at their convenience, from a prime Central London location.

Visitors and tourists also have the option to walk-in at the Excess Baggage branch within London Waterloo Station and access the currency buyback service during their opening hours (7am – 11pm), 7 days a week. For all click and collect orders placed via Travellers Money, the hours for this service will be 8am – 6pm (Monday – Friday).

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