launch ticketing platform for UK attractions has launched as the antidote to travel review sites earlier in 2022, led by Catherine Warrilow and their Manchester based team.

The UK attraction ticketing platform carries the premise that especially for the younger Gen Z audience, customers have little time and attention for long-form content or reviews – and just want to get to the information that matters fast.

They cite their early success and reach as being driven by three different factors – hacks rather than reviews, check out in less than a minute, and adopting channels that people find easier to use like WhatsApp.

This coupled with great social content and exceptional customer service means that the feedback so far from UKinbound members and attraction partners has been positive, with many signing up to list on the site from 2023 onwards.

Catherine Warrilow, Managing Director said, “There’s no denying it’s a crowded market and there has to be a very clear advantage to working with OTAs and other third party distribution channels. The number one objective for our attraction partners is not to cannibalise their existing loyal customer base – often made up of local visitors and regular returners.

“So, we’re very focused on the individual needs of each attraction – that could be customers from further afield, staycationers or non-English speakers for example.

“You may have also noticed that our brand is a little more quirky, shall we say – the younger 18-34 audience is key for us and our content is written to appeal to this group. The most important things to this demographic are brand affinity and trust, as well as convenience. everything in one place – so we offer tips not reviews, and our checkout takes under 1 minute.”

Bee Ludolf, Content Manager added, “We’ve very busy adding more of the most talked about attractions to the site – and trying not to create a disorderly queue! We curate every page in partnership with attractions to make sure we’re showcasing everything they have to offer in easy, bite-size format, so that the conversion rate to a sale is really high. If you haven’t talked to us, get in touch.”

You can contact the team via LinkedIn or email. The team will also be attending a number of UKinbound future events and are looking forward to meeting members.