GlobePay offers UK businesses access to Chinese digital marketing

WeChat Alipay Discovery
WeChat Alipay Discovery

GlobePay, specialists in cross-border payment solutions and official partners of WeChat and Alipay, have expanded their services to equip UK businesses with Chinese social media accounts and to extend their reach and brand recognition with Chinese visitors.

While COVID-19 has put a pause on Chinese visitors coming to the UK, Chinese online travel apps have seen activity from younger users double between February and May 2020.

Since 2018, GlobePay has partnered with over 600 UK businesses to connect them to Chinese digital payment systems such as WeChat Pay and Alipay. The company is now also helping businesses to build a digital presence in China using WeChat Official Accounts and Alipay Discovery.

WeChat Official Accounts act as a multi-function digital marketing designed for businesses to promote their products and services and provide customer support, and is an essential tool for brands to build recognition and trust.

Alipay Discovery meanwhile offers location-based search that allows visitors to browse their holiday destination in advance and research and review hotels, restaurants and retailers. GlobePay can help UK businesses create a custom listing on the Alipay Discovery platform which can support video, coupons and gift vouchers, in addition to key information about the business.

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