Jersey reopens borders to welcome back visitors

Jersey opens borders
Jersey opens borders

The island of Jersey has announced that its borders are now open to welcome visitors back to the island. From 3 July, airlines and ferry companies will be able to provide commercial services to and from Jersey.

The safety of visitors and islanders remains a top priority so new protocols have been put in place for those travelling to Jersey. Before departing for Jersey all passengers must complete an online pre-registration form for contact tracing purposes, stating their personal details. This will also include a declaration of health, a list of countries visited before departure, whether the passenger has experience COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact someone who is infected. Those who fail to pre-register will face significant delays on arrival to the island.

On arrival in Jersey, passengers must either:

  1. Provide documentary evidence of a negative PCR test, taken within 72 hours of arrival in Jersey, or:
  2. Be swab-tested at the airport or harbour, then limiting social contact, avoiding public transport and indoor gathering where possible, and limiting time spent away from accommodation while waiting for the test results, or:
  3. Self-isolate for 14 days

Some changes will also be implemented at the airport, as detailed in the video below.


Visitors returning to the UK will not need to self-isolate on arrival in the UK. A ‘safer travel’ flowchart detailing the customer journey can be viewed here.