Kallaway creates Re-Launch Clinics for attractions and destinations

Kallaway Re-launch clinic
Kallaway Re-launch clinic

Kallaway PR has created a new Re-Launch Clinic to help attractions and destinations successfully reopen as lockdown restrictions ease.

A range of ‘treatments’ aim to help destinations overcome the specific challenges they face. From over-the-phone support to bespoke solutions, their ‘Destination Doctors’ will provide advice and expertise to help attractions overcome the challenges ahead and open with confidence.

The new Re-Launch Clinic can help with:

  • Re-launch strategy – drawing on Kallaway’s expertise in launching destinations to review re-launch plans to and providing advice to make them as strong as possible.
  • Audience specific messaging – creating concise and compelling messaging right for each audience from staff to customers and beyond.
  • Managing difficult issues – preparing to address difficult issues related to opening, including customer complaints, damaging reviews, employee complaints or redundancies. Helping to plan effectively and solve problems when they arise.
  • Training customer facing staff – enabling staff and teams to communicate with clarity and feel confident in their role.
  • Spokespeople media training – training spokespeople to successfully optimise media interviews and overcome challenging questions if they arise.
  • Bespoke solutions – advice and guidance tailored to each attraction or destination according to their specific challenges.

To find out more about the Re-Launch Clinic, members can join one of three 15-minute mini-webinars at 2pm on 23 June, 10am on 24 June or 10am on 25 June. For more information please click here.