London Transport Museum opens new exhition

London Transport Museum Logo
London Transport Museum Logo

London Transport Museum has opened a new exhibition, Echoes of the Blitz: Underground shelters in Ukraine and London.

In partnership with n-ost, a Berlin based journalistic network, London Transport Museum has created a display of 70 images that explore how Underground stations and metro systems have provided shelter to citizens during periods of war – now and in the past

The gallery features images from the Museum’s collection and current works of six renowned documentary photographers working in Ukraine. Despite these images being taken around 80 years apart, they present strong parallels of human experience across different locations and conflicts.

This display documents the realities of having to shelter from aerial bombardment and shows the resilience of people in Ukraine and London during times of war.

Prior to collaborating with London Transport Museum, n-ost exhibited images of underground shelters from Ukraine on European subways stations in a project called Next Station Ukraine.

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