Londonist DMC celebrates 10 year anniversary

Londonist DMC Anniversary Conference
Londonist DMC Anniversary Conference

Londonist DMC has celebrated its 10 year anniversary with the Turquoise Summit, held from 29 September to 1 October 2023, at the Kaya Artemis Resort Hotel in Northern Cyprus. This event served as a tribute to Londonist’s legacy and a platform for industry leaders to discuss the future of student accommodation while emphasising student well-being.

The Turquoise Summit, named after the turquoise waters of Northern Cyprus, brought together partners, team members, and influential figures from across the globe for celebration.

The first day of the Turquoise Summit began with a speech by Londonist’s Founder and Managing Director, Asim Erturk. Asim Erturk welcomed the guests and the team members, sharing Londonist’s journey over the last decade during a presentation. He acknowledged the challenges faced by Londonist with providing accommodation to students across 50 London locations, but thanked all partners, key collaborators and employees for their dedication in overcoming these obstacles.

Asim Erturk’s speech was followed by an address from Thom Jones, igniting attendees’ passion for life and success. Each department presented the latest updates on their respective projects, providing insights into their contributions. The day concluded with a networking event.

Day two featured Asim Erturk’s Londonist Global Group presentation, offering an account of Londonist’s journey to its 10th anniversary. The day was dedicated to panels and seminars, allowing guests to explore topics of interest such as digitalisation in international education industry, innovative go-to-market strategies and seminars on networking by brand consultant and journalist, Arda Sayiner and sales techniques by Nicola Lutz. The day also included discussions on factors impacting the student accommodation sector and strategies for its renewal. 

The second day culminated in a gala dinner, accompanied by the tunes of the Erdem Ozkan Quarter. Londonist team members received plaques for their contributions, and partners of Londonist were presented with limited-edition Londonist 10th-year plates. The night ended with a Dilek Sert Erdogan Band performance.

The Turquoise Summit showcased the importance of implementing effective strategies in the student accommodation sector while prioritising students’ wellbeing, ensuring a thriving future for the industry.

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