Major Richard Carney MBE appointed Chair of Shakespeare’s England

Major Richard Carney appointed Chair Shakespeare's England
Major Richard Carney appointed Chair Shakespeare's England

Major Richard Carney MBE, Director of Operations at Dallas Burston Polo Club has been appointed the new Chair of Shakespeare’s England.

A war veteran who served more than three decades in the military, Major Carney takes over the role from Jo Lloyd and is looking forward to the challenge and working with partners to draw more visitors to the area.

“I am delighted and honoured to accept the position as Chair of Shakespeare’s England,” said Major Carney.

He continued, “This award-winning tourism organisation works collaboratively with businesses, stakeholders and key influencers, ensuring they maximise visitor numbers for Warwickshire.

“Shakespeare’s England is in such a strong position thanks to the dedication and leadership of Jo Lloyd (Chair) and Helen Peters (Chief Executive) and the wider team with their strategy to maximise the impact on tourism in the region, which has shown a clear increase in visitor numbers.

“I look forward to taking on the role as Chairman and collaborating with the local councils, stakeholders and businesses to develop our strategic partnerships and continue to increase the visitor and tourism economy for our region, and be the UK’s leading destination management organisation.”

Major Carney spend 32 years in the military and served in every conflict from 1980 to the war in Afghanistan. He was also the chief instructor for the UN in the Middle East as well as the EU. In April 2013, he joined the Dallas Burston Polo Club.

Helen Peters, Chief Executive of Shakespeare’s England, a not-for-profit membership DMO which promotes tourism to South Warwickshire, is thrilled that Major Carney has taken on the role.

“I would like to say a very big welcome to Major Richard Carney as the new Chairman of Shakespeare’s England”, said Helen. “We have been working with him and Dallas Burston Polo Club for some time now and it is a pleasure to have him leading the way with some great ideas.

“Major Carney has some fantastic plans for the future to drive tourism forward and see everyone working together, as well as foraging stronger relationships for the good of the region. We look forward to this new era for the board.

“Finally, I would like to say thank you to Jo Lloyd for her dedicated work and support as Chair of Shakespeare’s England.”