New walking tour celebrates Stratford-upon-Avon history

Stratford upon Avon
Stratford upon Avon

The award-winning Stratford Town Walk has introduced a new tour that explores some of the town’s less well-known stories and events.

With so much focus on the town’s most famous son, William Shakespeare, owners John and Helen Hogg decided to host a tour that makes no mention him at all. The ‘Walking Without Will’ tour will include a ghost or murder story, unusual street artefacts, hard times in the town and some key historical background which has molded Stratford’s development.

John and Helen Hogg said, “This will explore in more depth some lesser-known features behind Stratford’s development through the ages. This is a particular challenge to the guides who will make no mention of Shakespeare – hence the name. Hopefully local people will come and give it a go and discover something new about the town that they may not have known.”

As well as the new tour, the team at Stratford Town Walk is celebrating two recent award wins for Culture Tour Company of the Year 2021 – Travel & Hospitality, and Best Guided Warwickshire Walking Tour 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards.

Helen Peters, Chief Executive of Shakespeare’s England, the DMO for the region, said, “The whole team behind Stratford Town Walk are always working hard to provide fascinating tours for people and ‘Walking Without Will’ is a fantastic addition.

“Of course there are many people out there that want to find out more about William Shakespeare, but others may harbour bad memories of having to stand up in class to read from The Bard and just want to know more about the town and its history – so this is a perfect way to complement the walks already available and Shakespeare’s England are delighted to be able to support Helen and John with this new initiative.

“Stratford-upon-Avon does have an interesting past so if you want to know more whether you’re a local to the area of a visitor, this could be exactly what you need to find out all the details.”

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