Raileasy announce partnership with Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities Tours
Invisible Cities Tours

Trainsplit (Raileasy’s split ticketing brand) has announced a partnership with Invisible Cities – the award-winning social enterprise who train people who have experienced homelessness to become tour guides of their own city.

Invisible Cities deliver unique walking tours of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, York and Cardiff and have plans to expand to more locations. This year, they received a People’s Champion accolade from National Geographic and in 2021 were awarded Best Community Tour in the World by Lonely Planet. Customers travelling to Invisible Cities locations will be able to use the Trainsplit booking engine to find the cheapest rail tickets.

Under the partnership, Trainsplit will also be covering the cost of train travel for Invisible Cities guides and staff as part of their work to raise awareness, offer training and support and launch in new cities.

Zakia Moulaoui Guery, Founder of Invisible Cities said, “We are very excited to be working with Trainsplit. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we want to encourage our guests to travel by train between our beautiful cities. If they can save money along the way as well then this is even better.”

Kip Parker, Head of Partnerships & Business Development at Raileasy added, “We are really pleased that Trainsplit has been appointed as the official rail ticket provider for Invisible Cities.  Zakia and her team do an amazing job and we love the idea of being part of a scheme that helps people who have experienced homelessness to change their own lives.”

The partnership was set up by Catherine Warrilow from The Plot who said, “Rail travel is a major expense for my client and I saw an opportunity to save them some money by introducing Raileasy. It also encourages people to travel more sustainably and it’s part of my shared quest to bring together brilliant travel partnerships.”

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