Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway launches new steam rail experiences

The iconic Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in the Western Lake District has launched new, exclusive steam rail experiences alongside three brand new luxury carriages, Joan, Ruth, and 1st Class Saloon 140. 

The new carriages will allow visitors to make an extra special journey in first-class comfort across Cumbria’s west coast, taking in the spectacular views on one of the UK’s most scenic railway routes.

Joan is a Pullman Observation Carriage made of glass for panoramic views of the dramatic western coastline and mountains, furnished with plush bucket seats and extra headroom.

Ruth is an elegant Directors Saloon designed to deliver first class experiences for guests, with traditional cream teas or Lakeland hampers. Ruth features covered outdoor balcony seating, USB speakers, fold-down tables for wheelchair access, and two private compartments with an engraved glass sliding panel that allows both sides to become a single, larger space.

The new carriages boast outstanding craftsmanship and are a legacy to Lord Wakefield, who founded the Lake Districts Estates company and saved the railway in 1960. Joan and Ruth are named in honour of Lord Wakefield’s eldest and youngest daughters – The Honourable Mrs Joan Raynsford and the late Honorable Mrs Ruth Adorian. Both  women were former company directors for over 50 years and the late Hon. Mrs Ruth Adorian was a strong local campaigner for disability access in public spaces.

All three carriages are available to book exclusively, or visitors can choose to upgrade their seats in Joan or the first class saloon on the Railway’s daily services.

Rachel Bell, Head of Marketing at Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway said, “Our new experience carriages are a fun and unique way to relive the golden era of steam travel, with beautiful heritage features and plush seating for extra comfort. What better way to make special memories with friends and family whilst discovering Cumbria’s brilliant west coast!”

Peter Hensman, Chairman of Lake District Estates said, “These new carriages take La’al Ratty to a new level of comfort and will enable our visitors to fully appreciate the beauty and grandeur of Eskdale. At the same time, by naming two of them Joan and Ruth, we pay tribute to the daughters of Lord Wakefield who, as directors of the Railway for over 40 years, played a significant part in its development and success.”

To book the special experience carriages visit www.ravenglass-railway.co.uk or call 01229 717171.