Sherlock: The Game is Now announces new Outdoor Game

sherlock the official outdoor game
sherlock the official outdoor game

Sherlock: The Game is Now have announced a brand new experience – Sherlock The Official Outdoor Game.

Visitors will be following in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, as teams take part in an outdoor digital mission with a twist. The new experience is ideal for groups of two to six people (teams will not be in contact with other players throughout their game) working as a team to gather key evidence, find clues, crack codes and solve the mystery.

Mixing gameplay with a story, Sherlock: The Official Outdoor Game – Kensington Affair uses an interactive narrative where players unravel the plot. Each team will be digitally assisted by Sherlock along their journey, where he will send requests for information, ask for assistance with tasks and guide them across London.

For more details or to book a time slot, please visit the website.