Thames River Sightseeing relocates to Butler’s Wharf Pier

Thames River Sightseeing Butlers Wharfd
Thames River Sightseeing Butlers Wharfd

Thames River Sightseeing has relocated to a new location at Butler’s Wharf Pier. This is due to an ongoing project development at Tower Bridge Quay, which was previously one of the key stops on its river cruise route from Westminster to Greenwich.

Butler’s Wharf offers an array of trendy restaurants, bars, and beautiful riverbank views of Tower Bridge and the city skyline. Visitors can also explore Shad Thames, known for its cobbled streets, converted Victorian warehouses, and dramatic overhead walkways, creating a unique blend of industrial history and modern vibrancy. A short walk along the southern bank brings visitors to HMS Belfast, a WWII warship now serving as a museum, and just across the bridge, the historic Tower of London. This vibrant riverside area is rich with charm and history, providing an engaging experience for all visitors.

Thames River Sightseeing is confident that this new location will continue to provide the high-quality service and memorable experiences. All members are encouraged to update their promotional materials and inform their clients about this change.

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