Real Mary King’s Close announces investment plans for 2020

The Real Mary King's Close plans for new investment and development in 2020
The Real Mary King's Close plans for new investment and development in 2020

The award-winning Edinburgh visitor attraction, Real Mary King’s Close has announced its plans to invest over £100k in the business in 2020.

The Real Mary King’s Close, in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town and underneath the streets of the bustling Royal Mile, brings the authentic stories from Edinburgh’s hidden secrets, houses and people to life. It maintains a must-do on any visit to Edinburgh, as the attraction continues to listen to and adapt to visitor needs and trends.

Paul Nixon, General Manager says, “Last year was a great year for The Real Mary King’s Close, as we ended the year with multiple awards, which included winner of ‘Best for Big Kids in Scotland’.

“Remaining attractive in such a competitive tourism market is a good challenge, as it spurs the team to continue to offer the best visitor experience possible, and to be creative in how we are appealing to and attracting new and repeat visits. In 2019, we launched a new gin tasting tour and our family-friendly tours, complete with a Treasure Map and we’ve plenty of new ways to try and ensure we retain an important spot on peoples’ wish-list for any Edinburgh visit.”

The planned investment of £100k will target several key areas of the attraction in the Spring, including an extension to The Plague Story and a reinterpretation of Mary Queens of Scots’ visit. As with other attractions in the Continuum Group, digital technology will form a large part of the reinterpretation, working with set designers and talented Guest Experience Managers to create a highly appealing and quality experience for visitors.

A new free-flow experience will also be trialled during 2020. Currently, the discovery of The Close is on small tours with a costumed guide in character. A free-flow visit will be trialled for up to 150 people at a time to discover the attraction at their leisure, with the opportunity to meet 12 different character guides across the rooms. The visit can last up to 1.5 hours and will permit photography. It is anticipated that visitors will contribute to creating their own vibrant life and atmosphere on The Close.

For more details about The Real Mary King’s Close, please visit the website.