Tootbus and Eurostar launch joint City Break offer

Tootbus has partnered with Eurostar to offer tourists the chance to explore Brussels, London and Paris via a Tootbus sightseeing tour. Those who travel via a Eurostar service can take advantage of a 20% discount on a Tootbus tour to discover the city in an eco-friendly way.

Arnaud Masson, Executive Director of Sightseeing at RATP Dev said, “Our goal with the city break offer is to provide customers who are visiting for pleasure, an offer that meets their needs and gives them a convenient way to see the sights. Teaming up with Eurostar allows us to make things simple and straightforward. This helps our customers make the most of their trip and leave plenty of room to discover the surprises of these beloved capital cities.”

The City Break offer is based on Tootbus’ principle that post-pandemic tourism must be founded on respect for the environment whilst offering tourists a meaningful and convenient experience.

Tootbus Brussels is the first sightseeing bus tour operator in the world to operate a 100% electric network, and all Tootbus Paris vehicles are electric or run on bio-NGV fuel. Meanwhile, Eurostar offers one of the most environmentally friendly transportation options for short-distance European travel, with each Eurostar journey reducing carbon emissions per passenger by up to 80% compared to an equivalent flight. With its train+hotel packages, Eurostar also offers its customers access to a range of hotels carefully selected for their ecological commitment.

Eurostar’s Head of Digital, Henry Ledden said, “With routes that go from city centre directly to city centre, we offer our passengers an incomparable level of travelling convenience. By enhancing our service offer as we have through this partnership with Tootbus, we have found a way to offer up the city on a platter.”

Tootbus customers can enjoy a culturally immersive and tailor-made experience, with the audio guides offering the chance to visit a city whilst listening to the story of an expatriate in their language, i.e. Paris as seen by an English-speaking expatriate, London as seen by a French-speaking expatriate. Tootbus is also the only operator to offer audio guides especially made for children, narrated by a child from the host country.