Trafalgar Tickets offer group rates for Myra’s Story

Myra's Story
Myra's Story

Trafalgar Tickets are offering group rates for Myra’s Story, a limited run at the Trafalgar Theatre in London.

Set in Dublin, Myra’s Story has been the hit of the last three Edinburgh Fringes. Playing to packed houses, standing ovations and five-star reviews, Myra’s Story has been described by many as the finest, funniest, most heartbreaking piece of theatre they have ever seen. The story of middle-aged homeless alcoholic Myra McLaughlin, living rough on the streets of Dublin. As she begs from passers-by at her regular spot by Ha’Penny Bridge, Myra recreates her rollercoaster backstory. Playing all the characters, acting out all the events in her life that have taken her to this pitiful state. Myra is played by Fionna Hewitt Twamley whose past credits include Cardboard Gangsters, Ripper Street and Clean Break.

Myra’s Story is penned by Irish playwright Brian Foster, who began his writing career at 39 years old. . Foster’s other works include The Trophy Collector, The Most Haunted House in Derry, The Butterfly of Killybegs, A Miracle in Ballymore, Colm Cille and Lillibulerro.

To reserve group rates for this limited run, please contact the Travel Trade team at Trafalgar Tickets.

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