A Points-Based System and Salary Thresholds for Immigration | Migration Advisory Committee


The Migration Advisory Committee has published its report on salary thresholds in the future immigration system.

Other key findings and recommendations from the report include:

  • The estimated impacts of the recommendations also vary across the regions and countries of the UK with the largest predicted impacts in London (driven by the greater share of migrants living and working there).
  • Some of the attributes considered when assigning points could include academic qualifications, age, study in the UK and previous experience in priority areas of the economy. This would mean prospective migrants who are able to acquire sufficient points would be added to a pool from which there would be a monthly draw, with those selected invited to make a full application.
  • MAC recommends that the government should reduce the salary threshold for skilled migrants entering the UK with a job offer from £30,000 to £25,600. However, MAC do not recommend introducing any geographical variation at this time. The report also recommends maintaining salary thresholds based on workers’ occupations, with higher paid jobs having higher thresholds.
  •  MAC also recommends a points-based immigration system should only be used as a route of entry for skilled workers without a job offer.
  • Compared to free movement MAC expects the application of the RQF3+ skills threshold and salary thresholds to EEA migrants to result in a lower level of immigration, a lower rate of growth in population, employment and GDP. They also expect the result to be a small increase in GDP per capita, a small improvement in the public finances, slightly reduced pressure in health, schools and social housing.

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