International Passenger Survey Regional Update | Q2 2023

IPS 2023
IPS 2023


Summary report from VisitBritain on International Passenger Survey Regional data, covering Q2 2023.

Key highlights include:

  • In Q2 2023, there were 9.9m inbound visits to the UK who spent a record setting of £7.9bn, up 15% vs Q2 2019 (in nominal terms). In real terms, visitors spent £6.5bn in Q2 2019 prices (down 6% vs Q2 2019).
  • London received just over half (54%) at 5.3m visits (-1% vs Q2 2019). These visitors accounted for 54% of the total inbound spend, reaching a record £4.3bn in Q2 2023, 15% above Q2 2019.
  • Visits to the rest of England totalled 3.9m visits (down 11% vs Q2 2019). Spend from these visitors accounted for 30% of the total spend, totalling at a record £2.3bn, 6% higher than Q2 2019.
    • The most visited English regions (after London) were the South East (1.1m), North West (840,000),
      South West (609,000) and East of England (581,000).
    • The East of England saw visits surpass pre-pandemic levels in Q2 2023.
    • Spend set new records in the North West, South West and West Midlands.
    • Of the English regions (outside London), the South East (£545m), North West (£529m; a new record) and South West (£381m; a new record) received the highest amount of spend.
  • Scotland: Scotland continued to post the strongest recovery into Q2 2023 (up 27% vs Q2 2019) with 1.2m visits. Spend reached a record £1.0bn (up 53% vs Q2 2019).
  • Wales: Wales received 252,000 visits in Q2 2023, down 17% vs Q2 2019, and £121m spend from inbound visitors, down 8% vs Q2 2019.