Tourism Sector Deal | HM Government


The Government has awarded the UK’s tourism industry a sector deal as part of its Industrial Strategy.

Key commitments of the deal include:

  • Creating a new Tourism Data Hub which will collate regularly updated data showing the latest trends and spends, allowing businesses to better target overseas visitors
  • Creating 30,000 apprenticeships each year by 2025 to help people build and develop careers in the tourism and hospitality sectors
  • Implementing an industry mentoring programme to support 10,000 employees each y ear
  • Building over 130,000 new hotel rooms across the UK, with 75% to be built outside London
  • Improving broadband connectivity in conference centres across the UK for business visitors
  • Piloting up to five new Tourism Zones to drive visitor numbers across the country
  • A new strategy to grow the number of business events and conferenes in the UK to help drive off-seasons visits

Full details can be downloaded at the link above.