Joss Croft Re-Appointed To The Tourism Industry Council

Joss Croft
Joss Croft

Joss Croft OBE, CEO of UKinbound has been re-appointed to The Tourism Industry Council (and as Chair of its International Competitiveness and Demand Working Group). The Council is composed of business owners and senior representatives from employers and trade associations across the UK tourism industry. It is co-chaired by the Tourism Minister and acts as a sounding board and link between Government Ministers and industry.

Joss Croft said, “The Tourism Industry Council, and the working group that I lead, are absolutely vital mechanisms in order to help ensure that Government understands the latest challenges and risks faced by colleagues and businesses across the tourism industry such as labour and skill shortages,  a competitive border system, and current pressures on the accommodation sector. The Inter-Ministerial Group on the Visitor Economy, which the TIC supports is of particular importance as it engages departments outside DCMS where so many decisions that affect tourism are taken.

“We discuss and explore where the opportunities are for growth, and it is also helpful for industry colleagues to understand the wider context and pressures facing Government. I look forward to our ongoing involvement and banging the drum for our vital inbound industry which in 2019 contributed over £28 billion to the UK economy.”

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