The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020 and is now in a transition period until 31 December 2020.

UKinbound in partnership with other industry associations continues to work hard with the UK Government and through the Tourism Industry Council to try and secure the best possible outcomes for the inbound travel and tourism industry (Deal or No Deal), which relies heavily on the EU not only for its workforce but also for its visitors to the UK.  Our key priorities for the industry have been and continue to be:

  • Strong promotion of the UK as a welcoming destination
  • Visa free access for EU visitors
  • Continued access to the Single Market, Customs Union, Open Skies Agreement
  • Continued access to and protection for EU workers

Brexit resources

Visiting the UK – What you’ll need to enter the UK wont change until 2021. Guidance regarding what visitors will need to enter the UK, school travellers entering the UK, what visitors can bring into the UK, healthcare in the UK for overseas visitors, and requirements for driving in the UK, can all be found here.

Guidance for the tourism sector – DCMS have published End of Transition Period Guidance that specifically related to the operation of tourism businesses and activities from 1 January 2021. This includes guidance and policy papers on;

    • Visiting Europe
    • Visiting the UK
    • Settlement Scheme
    • Data Management
    • The eCommerce Directive
    • The Movement of Goods

Guidance for the arts, culture and heritage sectors can be found here.

Guidance for the creatives industries sector can be found here.

Data protection – To make sure that businesses prepare for new data protection requirements that will result from the UK leaving the EU at the end of the year, the Government has published a Partner Pack with details about what action you need to take.

Immigration system – Details about the UK’s new Points Based System were published on 19 February 2020, can be viewed here, and on the 13 July 2020 the Home Office published an additional statement which can be viewed here. Further resources can be accessed here which explains how the new system applies to SMEs.

The new Student Route and Child Student Route are now live. Further routes, including the Skilled Worker Route, will open between 1 December 2020 and 1 January 2021.

Air, sea, road and rail transport from January 2021 – All transport related guidance for travel between the UK and the EU can be viewed here.

VAT Retail Export Scheme – We are working with partners across the industry, including New West End Company, lobbying Government to reconsider the decision to end the VAT Retail Export Scheme when the UK leaves the EU at the end of the year. A fact sheet outlining the considerable impact this will have on tourism jobs and revenue can be found here.

Food labelling – For businesses that produce their own food products, guidance is available regarding new labelling and logos that will be required from the 1 January 2021. Details can be found here.


Members seeking further information are welcome to contact UKinbound’s Head of Public Affairs & PR [email protected]